Advise Insight Ltd.

     Advise Insight Ltd. is an affiliate of Strategic Sports Holdings, which controls Strategic Sports Limited, a leading global helmet and personal protective equipment production company that is synonymous with quality, ingenuity, and commitment.
     At Strategic, protecting life is not just a slogan, it's the company's core value. Founded in 1991 as a humble assembly operation, the company has since developed into a premier Asian manufacturer with more than 10 facilities and 40 product lines in cycling, skate, snow, motor sports, equestrian and other fields.
     Strategic is one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry. All key processes from raw materials sourcing, product development, molding and tooling, to product testing are done in-house. For Strategic, taking full ownership of the entire supply chain improves efficiencies, eliminate wastes and most importantly, control quality.
     At Advise Insight Ltd., it's our honor to work as a marketing partner of Strategic's portfolio of PPE products, chief among them, the Face Protector face shield. We are developing a net work of sales channel partners for the Face Protector, as well as other PPE related products.
     For more inquiries about joining our network of distributors for Face Shield and other PPE products, please email Allen Cheng, Director of Strategic Sports Holdings, and chief adviser of Advise Insight:

Full Face Protection Shield


-Made with a high aerospace grade Polycarbonate lens that blocks particulates to a microscopic level.

-Impact and high temperature resistant.

-Great for use at the workplace and travel.

-Removable and washable foam liner.

Full Face Protection Shield

Strategic's Children's face shields series