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   Our team of advisers -- including investigative journalists, corporate M&A experts, accountants and lawyers -- each has a minimum of two decades of emerging market field experience across a wide range of industries, foremost in provinces and states across China, Asia and major emerging markets. We have represented a wide range of multinationals to successfully accomplish a plethora of field missions. We are ready to offer tailor-made solutions: Pre-IPO, M&A, investment due diligence and strategic advisory that spotlights critical matters, such as criminal records, regulatory breaches, political and underground society linkages, as well as financial analysis that blends qualitative and quantitative field research. We offer reputation analysis, rebates and kickback analysis; we can confirm criminal investigations or regulatory breaches. We also offer strategic advisory, crisis management advisory, public affairs and public relations advisory. Put our advisers on your corporate Board right away!

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"China and Emerging Markets Experts"  "Due diligence, risk management, political and economic risk analysis, tailor-made field investigation"  "Strategic, Financial Advisory and solution implementation"